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Our Professional Knowledge Contest

2018/08/15 16:03
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On August 30th, our company held the Professional Knowledge Contest and five teams from Synthesis Workshop (Production Department), preparation Workshop (Production Department), Quality Inspection Department, Warehousing Department and Administration Department competed in the contest.
The contest frames three types of questions, namely required questions, quick response questions, risky questions, covering relevant state laws and regulations, knowledge of management of safety in production, knowledge of fire-fighting, knowledge of environmental protection, knowledge of occupational health, knowledge of quality control, knowledge of special equipment management, knowledge of warehouse management, knowledge of management of ISO System, knowledge of cleaner production, knowledge of safety standardization, knowledge of life safety, enterprise cultural construction, professional management, staff team building and corporate rules and regulations.
After fierce competition, Quality Inspection Department Team and Warehousing Department Team won the first prize, Administration Department Team and a team from Synthesis Workshop won the second prize and two teams from Synthesis Workshop and Preparation Workshop Team won Honorable Mention. Board Chairman &General Manager Zhou Qinglei and other leaders presented prizes and awards to knowledge contest winners.
Our Professional Knowledge Contest
Our Professional Knowledge Contest
Our Professional Knowledge Contest
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